Rationality - This is the essential quality of a qualified enterprise:
To persist in the customer-oriented strategy of quality management by scientific policy decision and compulsive implementation;
To grasp the essential law of objective things and human nature and promote a harmonious development in between;
To improve working efficiency and quality by scientific methods and equipments based on facts;
To setup the honesty and credit mechanism and to provide professional service for our customers with commitment and passion.

Speediness - This is the inevitable requirement and talisman to success of market competition:
To enhance the ability of fast reacting to meet the continuous changing demands of global customers;
To reduce the cycle of product development and service response and keep the operation efficiency of management system in normal conditions;
To enhance the company and individual ability of learning and educate the employee to be agile;
To ensure reacting fast to special assignment.

Cooperation - It is the base that Ocean's King invigorates lighting industry for building our country and boosts the harmonious development of value chain. Ocean's King admits individual contribution but opposes individualistic heroism. Ocean's King persists in the principle that the value of the enterprise is greater than the value of individual.
For our customers, we serve and satisfy them by creating value;
For our partners, we respect them and run the mutual beneficial business;
For our employees, we provide them with the opportunities of developing and help them on the talent value realization;
For other economic entities, we play the game with honesty and credit. We fulfill the responsibility as a common citizen.

Struggle - This is the soul of our enterprise culture.
To keep the combatant spirit no matter how bad the condition is;
To oppose the thought and behaviors of indolence and rejecting forging ahead actively;
Middle-level and senior leaders are the core of Ocean's King. They should pay more time and energy for our target;
R & D and service, are two core abilities of Ocean's King. The measurement criteria is whether they ensure the target achievement of company existence and development.

Enterprise Tenet - To be pragmatic, innovative and growing
Tenet, as a main purpose and target, is the basic reason why an organization exists. "To be pragmatic, innovative and growing", as the enterprise tenet, is the basic principle of Ocean's King's employees and the basic reason why Ocean's King exists. "To be pragmatic and innovative" is the precondition and "to be growing" is the fundamental purpose. Three "To be" mean that we could achieve the development by nothing but consistent pursuit.

The purpose of "to be": To pursuit the value of living, explore the objective essence, solve problems and satisfy our customers;
The standard of "to be": To improve working efficiency and to achieve the purpose;
The method of "to be": To follow the scientific laws (truth), to make consistent improvement (innovation), struggle creates value (development).

To be pragmatic - It is the criterion of conduct, namely to be a pragmatic person, conduct dependably, respect objective essence and explore problem. To oppose subjectivism, externalism and bureaucratism;
To be innovative - It is the way of thinking, namely to use new idea and new method consistently to find out and solve the new problems in working;
To be growing - Development means bringing value to human being. To be growing is to create value for related people in a long time. To achieve a mutual development in the harmonious value chain by the consistent development of Ocean's King.

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