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Duyen Hai 1 power plant

Tra Vinh, Vietnam


Duyen Hai Power Station is a 4400 MW complex of under-construction coal-fired power plants located in Duyen Hai District of Tra Vinh Province in Vietnam. It consists of Duyen Hai 1, Duyen Hai 2, Duyen Hai 3 and a seaport coal terminal. The complex is designed to be the largest coal-fired power plants in Vietnam, aimed at supplying power for the most regions of Vietnam and reducing the risk of power shortages while boosting economic growth.

Our services

1.Establish illumination standards, provide lighting budget.

Most of power plant projects feature huge investment with lots of technical documents. Illuminance requirements and lighting budget are not a matter of concern to the owner or the contractor. Unclear illumination standards result in different budgets of lighting fixtures. OKTECH establishes illumination standards for power plant in accordance with international standards, selects the appropriate models, carries out design works as well as provides a lighting budget to the owner.

2.Provide lighting solution and material list.

Design works of the large-scale project are always supervised by a consultant firm with strict standards. Illuminance calculation should be required when Illumination layout drawings are provided. Design institutes need more time to prepare design data as they are not familiar with illumination simulation software, thus design schedule may be delayed. OKTECH can provide illuminance calculation and material list to assist the design institute in working out design data.

3.Optimize lighting solution, save cost budget.

As for the illumination layout drawings which had been completed, OKTECH may offer illuminance simulation services based on the drawings by using our simulation plugins of lighting fixtures, and then propose an optimized lighting solution. By utilizing innovative solution from OKTECH, the owner is able to enjoy a savings of approximately 15 percent on quantity of lighting fixtures while still fulfilling the design requirements.


4.Handle goods inspection, certificate of origin, save lead time, control commercial cost.

Our light fittings are supplied with certificates of origin for easy import and export tax refund.

5.Provide guide to installation, work for acceptance.

Mounting specifications (CAD files) can be provided as required by the users. The specifications offer details about mounting styles, dimensions and accessories, suitable for use as instructions for on-site installation works as well as project documents for future reference.



Lighting solutions

1. Illuminance calculation simulation


2. Applications

Comprehensive water pump room

Chemical water workshop

Coal conveyor trestle

Air compressor room

Transfer station

Oil pump room


Dry coal shed


Customer feedback

By project owner

By project cotractor

Product models

Models applied in this project:

Workshops: NFC9180 pendant light fittings;

Main power building: NSC9700 floodlights;

Hazardous locations: BFC8120 explosion-protected bulkhead light fittings.

New models for power plant applications:

NFC9186A LED pendant light fitting, NFC9189 LED pendant light fitting, NFC9280 LED spotlight, NGC9823 LED high bay light fitting, NFC9134 LED low bay light fitting, NFC9128 LED worklight, BFC8766 LED explosion-protected pendant light fitting, BFC8126 LED explosion-protected floodlight, enjoying energy savings more than 30 percent.

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