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Sahiwal Coal-fired Power Project




The Sahiwal Coal Power Plant consists of two 660-megawatt (890,000 hp) plants for a combined capacity of 1,320 MW, and generates 9 billion KWH of electricity per year. The power plant is listed in “Priority Projects” by China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and is the first CPEC project to be completed. It is the largest coal-fired power plant with the most advanced technology of the country.

Our services

1.Providing lighting design rendering and landscape rendering:

Sahiwal Coal Power Plant Project was one of critical projects for promotion of the Belt and Road. We visited the owner and project department to introduce our advantages of lighting solutions
when the project was approved.

2.Selecting appropriate luminaires and establishing high illumination standards:

We worked with the design institute and figured out lighting requirements in the main contract. Appropriate luminaires were selected based on local environments and submitted to the owner for approval.

3.Providing illuminance simulation and making construction drawings:

Partnering with the design institute, we chose OKTECH’s luminaires for all applications (except for office area) to design the construction drawings. The selected LED products powered by solar energy enabled the facility to enjoy the same light level as metal halide fixtures while using fewer luminaires.

4.Working with construction contractor to complete all installation works:

Industrial lighting materials were different from commercial lighting materials. We worked with the construction contractor to separate them for easy installation.

5.Providing site installation guide and training:

Our electrical engineer went to the project site twice to guide the installation works and train the workers.


Lighting solutions

1. Illuminance calculation simulation

2. Applications


Customer feedback

Design institute: “OKTECH assisted us in carrying out illuminance calculation works. Their quick and excellent services saved our time while providing a great guarantee of project schedule. Thanks for OKTECH’s assistance.” Construction contractor: “Mounting specifications provided by OKTECH were complete and clear so that we could carry out installation works on schedule. Thanks for the works.” Owner: “We are enjoying precise, uniform illumination and excellent after-sales services from OKTECH.”


Product models

Models applied in this project:

Road: NLC9615 LED Road Light Fitting;
Hazardous locations: BFC8120 explosion-protected bulkhead light fittings.

New models for power plant applications:
NFC9186A LED pendant light fitting, NFC9189 LED pendant light fitting, NFC9280 LED spotlight, NGC9823 LED high bay light fitting, NFC9134 LED low bay light fitting, NFC9128 LED worklight, BFC8766 LED explosion-protected pendant light fitting, BFC8126 LED explosion-protected floodlight, enjoying energy savings more than 30 percent.