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The Olympic Games opportunity for Commercial Lighting

Date:2008-08-29 16:58:49

when 2008 Olympic Games countdown first anniversary, the Olympic Games commercial war also entered the superheating stage. According to industry in the authoritative source estimated: The Olympic Games facility construction total investment approximately more than 20 hundred million US dollars, altogether include 36 competition facilities, but the sports complexes bring illumination product demand approximately about 500,000,000 Yuan, equals 73 million USD.

this is excluding Olympic Village, Olympic Games garden and so on other public lighting facility market. Not only to the enterprise, the Olympic Games itself, is demonstrates its brand value to the world the opportunity, but the Olympic Games facility illumination is in the present specialized illumination profession a most high-end domain. Its illuminating effect quality, not only will affect athlete's competition result, the referee assigns the quality, will also affect television's retransmission and the scene audience's onlooking.

Because Olympic Games facility illumination in technical standard and product quality request several near harsh, therefore, only then Phillips, GE and so on some minority overseas have the strength illumination enterprise since long, only then has the supplier who the qualifications become the Olympic Games facility illumination.

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