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  • Name: Single lamp controller SD9110-A0
  • NO: SD9110-A0

Single lamp controller is a control unit of the lighting IoT to realize dimming and fault alarm of luminaire.

Technical data
Communication method 802.15.4G, 802.15.4
Communication frequency 430Mhz~450Mhz
Communication range 500m (visible range)
AC power supply 85V AC ~ 265V AC
Output type One way: load control; the other way: dimming output
Rated current 2A~3A
Rated power 1~2W
Dimming output voltage 0 ~10VDC
Metering data Voltage, current, frequency, power factor and power capacity
Ambient temperature -40℃~60℃
Ambient humidity 5%RH~ 95%RH
Dimensions 152(L) × 86(W) × 39(H) mm
Degree of protection IP65
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