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  • 名称: Emergency rescue work applications
  • 详细内标题: OKTECH emergency lighting solutions for rescue work applications

Emergency rescue

Light brings you mission and honor.

Emergency lighting equipment for emergency rescue applications

Emergency lighting delivers indispensable support during emergency rescue in order to reduce the loss of life and property and to promote social harmony and stability.
Emergency lighting fixtures are indispensable equipment in rescue works. Design of emergency lighting solutions, training of using daily emergency lighting equipment, research and development of emergency lighting equipment play a key role in the emergency rescue.


Undertake social responsibility

After a sudden disaster, especially at night, the whole disaster area is dark due to the damage of power grid. Temporary lighting can relieve anxiety and panic.

Guarantee for rescue works

Efficient life rescue is the top priority after a disaster. In the night, emergency lighting is the guarantee of high-efficiency rescue works.

Lighting features of different rescue works

Our lighting solutions are designed for different areas and can bring you additional value while fulfilling different requirements.

Social rescue works

Light is indispensable in nighttime emergency rescue works. Emergency lighting equipment should feature high brightness, easy carrying, and long operating time to suit every need on different rescue scenes.

Post-disaster shelters

Post-disaster shelter is an area where the victims live and rest. It requires a quiet environment in the night, and the luminaires should provide high brightness. Battery-powered luminaires should be preferred to reduce noise.

Power restoration

Natural disasters may cause electricity failures in some areas, and immediate restoration of damaged local power systems is required while rescuing and resettling the victims. Luminaires delivering high brightness and wide lighting range should be used on the site.

Major social activities

OKTECH Lighting solutions provide reliable lighting for important meetings, events and other activities to maintain security of the scenes.

Product Descriptions

OKTECH provides optimized emergency lighting solutions for rescue work applications.


Type of equipment Model Photograph Photograph
Large-sized mobile light tower SFW6130B Forklift, crane, trailer towing, truck carrying, manual towing

Medium-sized and small-sized mobile light towers and equipment

SFW6110 series

Manual towing


Shoulder carrying, hand carrying, towing

Mobile lighting equipment with batteries


Hand carrying, towing


Shoulder carrying, hand carrying, towing


Hand carrying


Hand carrying


Magnetic attracting


Magnetic attracting

Portable lighting equipment


Hand carrying and shoulder carrying


Hanging, clamping, binding, magnetic attracting


Head-mounted and helmet-mounted


Head-mounted and helmet-mounted


Hand carrying and shoulder carrying


Hand carrying and shoulder carrying


Hand carrying and magnetic attracting