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  • 名称: Railway station applications
  • 详细内标题: OKTECH lighting solutions for railway station applications


Rain shed

High-quality lighting is the basic guarantee for safe operation.

The benefits of high-quality lighting

Safe and reliable operational environments
High luminous efficacy and cost-efficient system
Maintenance-free performance

Lighting features of different areas

Our lighting solutions are designed for different areas and can bring you additional value while satisfying high-quality lighting.

Smart lighting system – Illumination of platforms

LED luminaires mounted on the rain shed provide illumination for passenger accessing and exiting the platforms, and safe operation of trains.

OKTECH lighting solutions integrate LED luminaires with smart lighting system to realize smart management of illuminance and uniformity. Smart modules are used together with luminaires, so as to achieve the requirements of smart control, energy saving and emission reduction.

Ergonomic lighting design – Illumination of waiting rooms and ticket lobbies

Waiting room and ticket lobby should provide a comfortable lighting environment for the passengers. Luminaires almost work 24 hours continuously.

Luminaires with uniform light distributions, dimmable brightness and color temperature are required in these areas.
Luminaires designed with smart modules may also be used in these areas to maximize energy savings and emission reduction.

Product Descriptions

OKTECH provides optimized lighting solutions for railway station applications.





Mount style



Recessed mount and pendant mount

Waiting rooms and ticket lobbies


Ceiling mount and recessed mount

Emergency lighting


Wall mount

OK-ZFZD-E 6W8121

Wall mount

Smart lighting system

The smart control system can be used to control luminaires, monitor temperature and humidity on the site.
single lamp controller, loop controller, light and motion detector, temperature and humidity detector, intelligent socket, edge router.