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  • 名称: Paint spray facility of automobile manufacturing plant applications
  • 详细内标题: OKTECH lighting solutions for paint spray facility of automobile manufacturing plant applications

Paint spray facility

High-quality lighting guarantees automobile manufacturers to deliver the most high-quality automobiles to their customers.

The benefits of high-quality lighting:

Safe and reliable operational environments
High luminous efficacy and cost-efficient system
Maintenance-free performance

Lighting features of different areas

Our lighting solutions are designed for different areas and can bring you additional value while satisfying high-quality lighting.

Smart lighting – Illumination of quality inspection areas

LED luminaires installed in the quality inspection area provide safe, uniform illumination for inspection works after completion of paint spraying. High-CRI lighting offers comfortable lighting environment and outstanding visual clarity.

OKTECH lighting solutions integrate LED luminaires with smart lighting system to realize smart management of luminaires through dimming, fault detection, data reading, temperature / humidity control and air conditioning linkage for maximum efficiency and sustainable operations.

Ergonomic lighting design - Illumination of quality inspection areas

Paint spray inspection is an important part of automobile appearance quality inspection. Different types of vehicles have different requirements for illuminance, color rendering index and other key indexes of luminaires. Uniformity of lighting quality can reduce re-inspection works and improve efficiency. Luminaires with different types of lighting distributions, energy efficient, low failure rate are required in this area.

In addition to fulfilling the requirements of stability, efficiency and color rendering, the luminaires are required to be fitted with smart control system to facilitate customers to control the luminaires for maximum efficiency and sustainable operations.

Product Descriptions

OKTECH provides optimized lighting solutions for casting workshop, painting workshop, assembly workshop and other areas applications





Mount style

Inspection areas


Recessed mount, ceiling mount and wall mount



Hook mount, pendant mount, wall mount

Smart lighting system

The smart control system can be used to control luminaires, monitor temperature and humidity on the site.
single lamp controller, loop controller, light and motion detector, temperature and humidity detector, intelligent socket, edge router