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Value-added Services

Establish illumination standards (generally according to CIE standards), provide estimate budget on lighting

Partnering with the design institute from the beginning of design period, we worked out an appropriate lighting solution in accordance with international standards. Fewer luminaires were installed while still providing lighting to satisfy safety and security issues. Simulation design for every space ensured the most appropriate layout in the solution.

Provide lighting solution and material list
Design works of the large-scale project are always supervised by a consultant firm with strict standards. Illuminance calculation should be required when Illumination layout drawings are provided. Design institutes need more time to prepare design data as they are not familiar with illumination simulation software, thus design schedule may be delayed. OKTECH can provide illuminance calculation and material list to assist the design institute in working out design data.

Optimize lighting solution to save cost
As for the illumination layout drawings which had been completed, OKTECH may offer illuminance simulation services based on the drawings by using our simulation plugins of lighting fixtures, and then propose an optimized lighting solution. By utilizing innovative solution from OKTECH, the owner is able to enjoy a savings of approximately 12 percent on quantity of lighting fixtures while still fulfilling the design requirements. Fewer models and fixtures had achieved the desired light levels.

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