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OKTECH lighting solutions for metallurgy applications
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OKTECH lighting solutions for metallurgy applications

Metallurgy applications
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Product description
Product Descriptions



Light brings you a comfortable, safe and efficient experience.

The benefits of high-quality lighting for your work

Efficient lighting products can save cost, reduce environmental pollution and meet the requirements of high-quality lighting. Our goal is to establish a high-quality, high-efficiency, economic, comfortable, safe and reliable lighting system.

Maintenance-free luminaires with long service life can reduce maintenance and replacement cost.

"Eco-friendly Lighting" has produced enormous economic and social benefits in the world. It is regarded by the international community as an effective measure to promote energy conservation and protect environment, and it is a strategy for implementation of sustainable development.


Worry free in the work

OKTECH lighting solutions deliver three main values: improving production efficiency, enhancing safety, maximizing energy savings and emission reduction.

Eco-friendly lighting & energy saving and emission reduction

Eco-friendly lighting has become an effective and important way to promote energy saving and emission reduction and protect against climate change.

Lighting technology is developing, and product types are changing. LED is recognized as the most advanced energy-saving lighting product, which not only creates more business opportunities for lighting industry, but also brings maximum energy savings and emission reduction.

Smart lighting system & safety guarantee

High temperature, severe vibration, dust and mixed gas are a problem in most of the production areas in the steel plant. Operators should pay attention to the high speed, high temperature, pressure piping, and flammable gas during production process.  LED fixtures are built to withstand the harsh conditions of these areas.

High-quality lighting & improving production efficiency

High-quality lighting is a vital guarantee for efficient work. High-quality lighting can help improve the operation accuracy while eliminating fatigue or discomfort of the staff after working for a long time. Medical science has proved that ambient light has a great impact on the physical and mental health of human beings.

Lighting features of different operating locations

Our lighting solutions are designed for different areas and can bring you additional value while fulfilling different requirements.

Safe lighting – Illumination of basement of coking plant

Average temperature of basement of coking plant is 20℃ - 25℃. Slight vibration and dust are a problem for the applications.

OKTECH’s BPC8762 Explosion-protected LED Pendant Light Fittings feature outstanding explosion protection, providing reliable lighting for these areas.

Smart lighting system – Illumination of raw material areas

Light is the guarantee of efficiency in industrial production. Effective lighting can keep the staff's attention, improve the accuracy of judgment, improve the performance and productivity, and reduce the probability of accidents. However, high lighting standards always require high energy consumption. Most lighting equipment can not identify the changing lighting requirements and provide uninterrupted lighting, which not only increase the operating cost, but also waste energy. Our smart lighting system solution integrates lighting with various detectors, controllers and clock control programs to realize the real-time adjustment of lighting solution according to the lighting requirements on the site. Our lighting system offers maximum energy savings.

High-efficiency lighting – Illumination of steel plants

Application environments: 40℃, severe vibration and dust.
Model: NTC9251-J400W; Illuminance: 26 Lx.
Model: NFC9710-210W; Illuminance: 41 Lx.

Smart lighting system a& safety guarantee – Illumination of medium workshops

Safety is the top priority in industrial environment. OKTECH lighting solutions can help ensure higher safety for production personnel and equipment. Precise design of lighting angle ensures low-glare visual clarity to improve maintenance works.

Energy-saving lighting – Illumination of public areas

Lighting is the guarantee of safety in the corridors, staircases, washrooms and other public areas where natural light can not reach. But 24 hours of uninterrupted lighting is a waste of resources. OKTECH energy-saving lighting solution is a wise choice for achieving energy-efficient goal.

Safe lighting – Illumination of inspection areas and underground oil depots

Flammable gas may be encountered in the underground oil depots, and timely ventilation is required. Luminaires with superior explosion protection must be used in these areas to provide safe illumination.

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Product Descriptions

OKTECH provides optimized lighting solutions for the steel plant applications.





Mount style

Basement of coking plant


Ceiling mount and pole mount

Ceiling mount and pole mount


Wall mount and ceiling mount

Steel plants


Ring mount, pendant mount, wall mount and seat mount

Electrical rooms


Ceiling mount and wall mount

Cable vaults


Seat mount, wall mount and ceiling mount

Inspection areas


Ceiling mount and recessed mount


Ceiling mount and recessed mount

Smart lighting system

Smart control system (optional items as followings) integrates lighting with monitoring, alarm and access control system to achieve linkage as followings:

1) Remote centralized control function
2) Multi-time and task control function
3) Multiple induction dimming function
4) Integrating with monitoring, air conditioning, ventilation, fire control and access control system
5) Automatic collecting data of energy consumption of line and automatic fault alarm
6) Control of authority management function

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