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OKTECH lighting solutions for petrochemical plant applications

OKTECH lighting solutions for petrochemical plant applications

Petrochemical plant
Product description
Product Descriptions


Petrochemical plant

Lighting is the guarantee of safe and efficient production.

Importance of lighting to safe production

Petrochemical plant mainly consists of towers, tanks, pipelines and other outdoor and indoor facilities. Most areas in the plant are classified as Zone 1 and Zone 2, and luminaires used in these areas must provide reliable explosion protection. Luminaires for outdoor applications should provide superior water resistance and corrosion resistance. Maintenance work is a problem due to the severe application environments. High safety and reliability is priority.

Your security guard

OKTECH lighting solutions deliver three main values: enhancing safety, improving production efficiency, maximizing energy savings and emission reduction.

High design standards & guarantee for safe production

Safety is the top priority for petrochemical production environment. OKTECH offers the safe, efficient lighting solution for petrochemical plant applications. All explosion-protected luminaires manufactured by OKTECH meet or exceed the requirements of IEC60079, providing superior explosion protection and accurate light distributions to ensure safe production.

Reliable lighting & improving production efficiency

Reliable lighting is essential to improve production efficiency. The facilities in the petrochemical plants work 24 hours continuously, and reliable lighting is a guarantee for safe production.

Eco-friendly lighting & energy saving

The whole society has realized that reducing environmental pollution and waste of resources is an important guarantee for the survival of human beings. Conventional lighting products require high energy consumption while providing low brightness. New type LED luminaires can greatly reduce the energy consumption while ensuring illuminance on the site.

Lighting features of different areas

Our lighting solutions are designed for different areas and can bring you additional value while fulfilling different requirements.

Safe lighting – Floodlighting of pump areas

A variety of production pipelines are set up above the pump areas under pipe rack, and various pumps, equipment, instruments and pipelines are located in these areas. Most locations are classified as Zone 1 and Zone 2 where flammable and explosive gases are encountered. Luminaires with flameproof enclosures are ideal for use in these locations. 360° round-typed light distributions provide reliable illumination to ensure safe production.

Energy-saving lighting – Illumination of platforms on the towers

Illumination of the 4th floor platform or above is mainly used as exterior wall lighting, and sometimes it is required when operators are carrying out inspection works. Luminaires designed with smart modules are ideal for use in these areas.

Ergonomic lighting design – Illumination of control rooms

Control room is a crowded area with long working hours. High-quality lighting helps the operators concentrate on working. Luminaires with dimmers provide a comfortable lighting environment for operators in the control room.

Smart lighting system – Illumination of power distribution rooms

Power distribution room is an important guarantee for the electric power during production process. Failure will affect the production efficiency, and even may cause an accident. Adequate lighting is required in the distribution room to facilitate monitoring, operation, inspection, etc. Our smart lighting system solution integrates lighting with monitoring, alarm and access control system to achieve integration management.

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Product Descriptions

OKTECH provides optimized lighting solutions for petrochemical plant applications.




Mount style

Pump area under pipe rack and tower area


Pole mount and ceiling mount


Tower area


Pole mount and ceiling mount



Control room

Control room

Ceiling mount

Power distribution room


Ceiling mount and recessed mount

Ceiling mount and recessed mount


Wall mount

OK-ZFZD-E 6W8121

Wall mount

Smart lighting system

Smart control system (optional items as followings) integrates lighting with monitoring, alarm and access control system to achieve linkage as followings: 

1) Remote centralized control function
2) Multi-time and task control function
3) Multiple induction dimming function
4) Integrating with monitoring, air conditioning, ventilation, fire control and access control system
5) Automatic collecting data of energy consumption of line and automatic fault alarm
6) Control of authority management function

Edge outer


Single lamp controller


Loop controller


Intelligent socket


Light and motion detector


Temperature and humidity detector



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