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OKTECH emergency lighting solutions for firefighting applications

OKTECH emergency lighting solutions for firefighting applications

Firefighting applications
Product description
Product Descriptions


Reliable lighting offers outstanding visibility for maximum site safety.

The benefits of high-quality lighting

Lighting is not just working as lighting function.

Different types of luminaries deliver different brightness on the site for achieving safety and operational excellence.

A proper lighting solution can not only improve operators’ abilities to handle emergency, but also allow for smart control of emergency site.

Your honest safety guarantee

OKTECH lighting solutions deliver three main values: enhancing safety, improving operators’ abilities to handle emergency and increasing operational efficiency.

High brightness giving safe illumination

High-brightness lighting can penetrate thick smoke and fog to give safe illumination in extreme conditions. High reliability of explosion protection and ingress protection give you total confidence in even the harshest environments.

Professional design improving abilities to handle emergency

Ultra long operating duration and power indicator allow for quick response in case of emergency.
Easy carrying and operation improves operators’ abilities to handle emergency.

Ergonomic design for higher efficiency

Multifunctional design helps ensure less preparation time on site and higher operational efficiency.

Lighting features of different sites

OKTECH provides different lighting solutions for personal protective lighting, outdoor lighting and vehicle-carrying lighting.

Lightweight and high-performance lighting – Personal protective lighting

Fire brigades must be fitted with portable lighting fixtures. Helmet-mounted lighting fixtures always feature compact and lightweight design for ease of wearing on the head. Hand-held or shoulder-carrying lighting fixtures feature multifunction, ultra brightness and long operating duration for providing superior smoke and fog penetration on emergency site.

Large area and ultra bright lighting – Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is the most important for rescue works in the night. OKTECH offers a wide range of resistant and tough luminaries with high quality standards for outdoor lighting. These luminaires are suitable for use in the harshest working environments. Small-sized and medium-sized design allows a single operator to handle quickly and safely. Mobile light towers are ideal for use in areas where illumination need to be frequently repositioned.

Multifunctional lighting – Vehicle-carrying lighting

Vehicle-carrying lighting is designed for illumination of driving roads, rescue sites and some special areas. Camera module fitted in vehicle-carrying lighting fixture is used for monitoring vehicle route and remote control. Multifunction design helps improve efficiency of rescue works.

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Product Descriptions

OKTECH provides optimized emergency lighting solutions for firefighting applications with a wide range of resistant and tough luminaires. 




Mount style

Personal protective lighting


Hand-held and helmet-mounted




Hand-held and body-worn


Hand-held and shoulder carrying


Hand-held and shoulder carrying


Hand-held and shoulder carrying

Outdoor lighting


Pulling, lifting and vehicle carrying


Pulling, shoulder carrying and vehicle carrying


Vehicle carrying, lifting, pulling and pushing


Vehicle carrying and trailer towing

Vehicle-carrying lighting



Vehicle carrying



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