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Laos Lamphun Hydropower Station Project
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Laos Lamphun Hydropower Station Project

Built by China Civil Engineering Corporation (CCECC), the Hawassa industrial park, located in Ethiopia's southern city of Hawassa, some 275 km south of the capital Addis Ababa, to accommodate 60,000 jobs at a (1.3 km²) or 321 acre site, is the largest specialized textile and apparel park in Ethiopia. 1.4m square meter eco-facility was built in the space, providing 410, 000 square meters of factory space across row upon row of massive, gleaming red and grey steel sheds. Hawassa Industrial Park is able to generate export revenue amounting to 1 billion U.S. dollars.
Industry :
Water and Wastewater
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Product description



Lamphun Hydropower Station, jointly developed by CNEEC and EDL-Generation Public Company, is the first hydropower station constructed in BOT mode. It is a milestone project in broadening the business models of CNEEC. The hydropower station was put into operation on April 27th, 2016. On December 6th, 2016, the Laos Ministry of Energy and Minerals issued the Completion Certificate. The accumulative electric energy production reached to 46,219,816 Kwh by the end of 2016.

Our services

1.Establish illumination standards, provide lighting budget.

Partnering with the design institute from the beginning of design period, we worked out an appropriate lighting solution in accordance with international standards. Fewer luminaires were installed while still providing lighting to satisfy safety and security issues. Simulation design for every space ensured the most appropriate layout in the solution.

2.Optimize lighting solution, save cost budget.

As for the illumination layout drawings which had been completed, OKTECH may offer illuminance simulation services based on the drawings by using our simulation plugins of lighting fixtures, and then propose an optimized lighting solution. By utilizing innovative solution from OKTECH, the owner is able to enjoy a savings of approximately 12 percent on quantity of lighting fixtures while still fulfilling the design requirements. Fewer models and fixtures had achieved the desired light levels.


3.Provide assistance in working out landscape rendering

The project was the first hydropower station constructed in BOT mode, and CNEEC hoped to build it to be a model for success in the industry. Lighting was one of the most obvious factors to evaluate the station. OKTECH also provided assistance in working out landscape rendering as well as material lists.

4.Handle goods inspection, certificate of origin, save lead time, control commercial cost.

5.Provide guide to installation, work for acceptance.


Lighting solutions

1. Illuminance calculation simulation


2. Applications


Customer feedback


Construction contractor: “Mounting specifications provided by OKTECH were complete and clear so that we could carry out installation works on schedule. Thanks for the works.” Owner: “We are enjoying precise, uniform illumination and excellent after-sales services from OKTECH.”



Product models

Models applied on generator floor of main plant and GIS area (height>10m): NGC9810 High Bay Light Fittings.

Models applied on spiral shell floor, gallery, cable vault, mechanical maintenance workshop, tailrace outlet and other workshops: NSC9700A Floodlights.

Models applied in GCP, EPCC and cooling tower: NFC9180 Pendant Light Fittings and NFC NFC9185LED Pendant Light Fittings.

Models applied in control room and office area: NFC9130 Low Bay Light Fittings and NSC9720 Floodlight.

Models applied in outdoor areas: NTC9251 Spotlights and NSC9700A Floodlights. Models for road applications: NLC9610 LED Road Lamps.

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