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Malaysia Pantai 2 Sewage Treatment Plant

Malaysia Pantai 2 Sewage Treatment Plant

Built by China Civil Engineering Corporation (CCECC), the Hawassa industrial park, located in Ethiopia's southern city of Hawassa, some 275 km south of the capital Addis Ababa, to accommodate 60,000 jobs at a (1.3 km²) or 321 acre site, is the largest specialized textile and apparel park in Ethiopia. 1.4m square meter eco-facility was built in the space, providing 410, 000 square meters of factory space across row upon row of massive, gleaming red and grey steel sheds. Hawassa Industrial Park is able to generate export revenue amounting to 1 billion U.S. dollars.
Industry :
Water and Wastewater
Product description

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The existing Pantai CSTP consists of large aerated lagoons and recently constructed mechanize plant (which are separated by the NPE) having a total capacity of 877,000 PE, whereas the Pantai CSTP is presently serving a connected PE of 1.18 million. Thus, the Pantai CSTP is highly overloaded and has to be upgraded immediately. The new STP (Pantai 2 STP) is to be constructed at an ultimate capacity of 1.423 million PE.

Our services

1.We provided optimized lighting solution and detailed shop drawings in accordance with ISO and Malaysia standards. Our works had won high praise from the EPC contractor, consultant and electrical contractor.

The local consultant company was responsible for auditing the design drawings made by the design institute from China, and transforming them into shop drawings according to British illumination standards and industry standards. Our company held several technical conferences as a professional lighting fixture supplier, and we had earned the consultant’s trust due to our professional products and lighting designs. We, therefore, took over the work of designing shop drawings.

2.Our design fulfilled the requirements of local illumination standards and complied with emergency lighting system of Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia.

3.By utilizing innovative solution from Ocean’s King Lighting, the owner, EPC contractor, electrical contractor, consultant are enjoying energy-saving, high-safety and environmental friendly products while saving on purchasing costs and reducing maintenance costs for the future.

PANTAI 2 STP is the largest underground sewage treatment plant in Asia, with all facilities running underground. Illumination should be provided to satisfy daily operations of two floors. We chose NFC9180 pendant light fittings instead of fluorescent light fittings of original design, offering superior luminous efficacy and longer service life.

1. Our solution won high praise from design institute and consultant. The quantity of light fittings was reduced from 3337 sets to 1971 sets, saving on overall purchasing costs (including purchasing cost and installation cost).

2. Our solution allowed for reduced energy costs and operation costs for the future.

3. Our products offered WF2 of corrosion resistance class, more suitable for the applications in sewage treatment plant where corrosive gases may be encountered.


4.We were able to provide mature sea transportation, logistics, professional local customs clearance services and warehousing services. All goods were delivered to the project site on time without any damage. We also provided inspection and goods transfer services on the site.



5.Our lighting fixtures were suitable for all mounting types, including wall mounting, pole mounting, pendant mounting, recessed mounting, etc. Mounting drawings and mounting accessories were provided together with the products. Our technical personnel also provided free mounting guide and training on the site.



6.After installation, we assisted in testing illuminance and lighting system to ensure that it achieved the desired light levels.




Lighting solutions

1. Illuminance calculation simulation


2. Applications

LG 1

Digester room

Sludge holding tank

Sludge holding tank

LG 2

LG 2 - pump room


Pump room


Customer feedback



Design institute: “OKTECH assisted us in carrying out illuminance calculation works. Their quick and excellent services saved our time while providing a great guarantee of project schedule. Thanks for OKTECH’s assistance.” Construction contractor: “Mounting specifications provided by OKTECH were complete and clear so that we could carry out installation works on schedule. Thanks for the works.” Owner: “We are enjoying precise, uniform illumination and excellent after-sales services from OKTECH.”



Product models

Models applied in this project:

Workshops: NFC9180 pendant light fittings;
Hazardous locations: BYC8341 explosion-proof fluorescent light fittings.

New models for sewage water treatment plant applications:

NFC9186A LED pendant light fitting, NFC9189 LED pendant light fitting, NFC9280 LED spotlight, NGC9823 LED high bay light fitting, NFC9134 LED low bay light fitting, NFC9128 LED worklight, BFC8766 LED explosion-protected pendant light fitting, BFC8126 LED explosion-protected floodlight, enjoying energy savings more than 30 percent.

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